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Bicycle Nova Scotia, with funding from the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage and the Department of Energy and Mines, will be working with 3 communities in Nova Scotia this year to help develop a network of safe cycling infrastructure to help residents make their everyday journeys by bike. Bicycle Nova Scotia’s AT Planner / Designer, Neill Spencer, will lead the process through three different stages:

Stage 1: Identify key bicycle network corridors

BNS works with the community to identify 3 routes that are the top priorities for bicycle infrastructure improvements. These connected routes are designed to provide a basic bike network that is immediately functional and can act as the spine of the network for future growth.

Stage 2: Route Selection

BNS and community stakeholders select one of the routes to advance into the concept design stage. The route is chosen based on a combination of its overall importance and feasibility of implementing in the near term.

Stage 3: Concept Design

Conceptual design options are prepared for the selected route. Designs consider traffic conditions and the existing use of the right-of-way. The preferred design option is then selected for refinement and cost estimation.

Community engagement for the Hubs project in New Glasgow is happening now, with an online survey to find out more about how people travel in New Glasgow.


The survey is open until January 11th.