The Provincial government has made an exciting (generational and unprecedented!) commitment for an Active Transportation (AT) Strategy for the province of Nova Scotia. Cycling Nova Scotia sees the Provincial AT Strategy as an opportunity to ensure that past investments in active transportation are met with future ambition and vision.Cycling Nova Scotia is being consulted by the government on the AT Strategy and we recently reached out to gather your thoughts on how you believe active transportation should look in Nova Scotia.

You shouted from the rooftops!

(Metaphorically, of course), but the response was quite impressive! We heard from Nova Scotians all around the province. From small rural towns, to the urban HRM, we heard from 136 of you; many representing organizations and groups of people.

Cycling Nova Scotia has read each and every one of the 500+ responses to the questions we asked in our form that was posted from May 23 until June 1, 2023, and have summarized the feedback we received in a “What We Heard” report (linked below). Key feedback themes are outlined in the graphic above. The feedback we collected was not submitted directly to the Province; however it did and will continue to inform Cycling Nova Scotia’s feedback during our engagement with the Province.

Thank you for your participation!

What We Heard Report: What We Heard! 2023