Blue Route News

Meet Cycling Nova Scotia’s Active Transportation Planner and Designer: Ethan Malech!

Welcome to Cycling Nova Scotia, Ethan! With over a decade of experience in the cycling industry, Ethan has travelled the world working as a bicycle technician while pursuing his studies at Dalhousie University School of Planning. He received Honours in Community Design, focusing on Active Transportation Design. Combining his practical experience working on community members’ … Read More

Core Active Transportation Networks Project Update

Cycling Nova Scotia has been busy as of late! We are thrilled with all of the amazing public engagement events and activities we have had Spring/Summer 2023! We want to give a huge thank you to everyone who came out with such great energy and feedback. We have been running engagement activities in Windsor, Baddeck … Read More

Cycling as a Family

There are many ways cycling can be a family activity with kids of all ages! Grab your helmets and cycle on one of the many Blue Route Trails! Avoid cycling on roads with children or inexperienced cyclers. It’s safer to cycle away from vehicles, especially when building up skills. Choose a route that isn’t too … Read More

Cycling Safety

Do you know how to be safe while cycling? This post is all about cycling safety, signals, and bike helmets. Keeping yourself safe is one of the most important aspects of cycling. Being safe while riding minimizes the risk of injuries, collisions, and damages. In this post, we have grouped together 3 areas of safety. … Read More

What We Heard: NS AT Strategy

What We Heard: Thanks For Sharing! The Provincial government has made an exciting (generational and unprecedented!) commitment for an Active Transportation (AT) Strategy for the province of Nova Scotia. Cycling Nova Scotia sees the Provincial AT Strategy as an opportunity to ensure that past investments in active transportation are met with future ambition and vision.Cycling … Read More

HUBS’ name is Changing: Welcome to the CORE AT NETWORKS PROJECT!

  Our HUBS project is changing. But don’t worry- it’s just a name change!  Welcome to the Core AT Networks Project. “AT” as in active transportation. Cycling Nova Scotia has chosen the name change to better align with Goal 9(b) of Nova Scotia’s Bill 57, the Environmental Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act, an ambitious and … Read More

Meet the Blue Route Staff! Brittney MacLean, Director of Blue Route and Cycling Advocacy

Brittney MacLean (she/her) is the Director of Blue Route and Cycling Advocacy with Cycling Nova Scotia. Brittney is a graduate of the Bachelors of Community Design, Honors Urban Design program at Dalhousie University, which is where she developed a keen interest in how community planning and public space design can be used to encourage social … Read More

Our Infrastructure and Advocacy Committee is Looking for Members- Apply Now!

Join Us!  The Infrastructure and Advocacy Committee (IAC) supports the Bicycle Nova Scotia Board of Directors by providing oversight to the Development of the Blue Route, creating relevant policy, guiding decisions on route changes, setting the agenda for the provincial Blue Route committee and guiding advocacy efforts. The IAC guides and supports the development of … Read More

RELEASED TODAY! Climate Change Plan for Green Growth

Today, Nova Scotia released the long awaited Climate Change Plan for Green Growth. Bicycle Nova Scotia has been advocating for over a decade for commitments to low carbon and active transportation. We are pleased to see a continued commitment to the Blue Route in the plan, and a reiteration of the Environmental Goals and Climate … Read More

Lunenburg Pop-Up Bike Lane Project Cancelled

After concerns raised during additional consultation with the business community and the discovery of logistical requirements and additional costs arising from consultation with the Lunenburg Department of Public Works, Bicycle Nova Scotia has made a difficult decision to cancel the pop-up project. BNS believes in Lunenburg’s Comprehensive Community Plan, and that introducing cycling/active transportation infrastructure … Read More