Reasons to Ride

Riding a cycle can have many more benefits than you may think! From being cost-efficient to improving your sleep, cycling has many perks. We’ve compiled four reasons why you should cycle more.



Cycling is an easy way to bring physical activity into your daily life. Riding a cycle has been shown to build strength, build endurance and stamina, increase flexibility, and improve coordination. Cycling is a low-impact exercise which causes less strain than other sports. This makes it a good activity for all ability levels.

Cycling can also improve your sleep. Regular exercise improves sleep duration and quality, letting you sleep at night. Getting a good night’s sleep is a vital part of health because it improves your overall mood, health, and thinking skills. In addition, cycling can also improve your mental well-being as physical activity releases endorphins. To summarize, cycling improves your overall health.



Cycling can be a solo activity or you can go out with your family and friends. Cycling with others can help make it a routine and something you do regularly. Turn it into a fun hobby instead of making it feel like it’s only exercise. Try finding a cycling group in your community or start your own to meet others who enjoy cycling. Whether you cycle as a hobby, as a sport, or as a transportation method, there are plenty of people who do the same! There are many existing cycling groups around HRM such as Women on Wheels, The Monthly Cycle, and Coffee Outside Halifax! Follow the link for more info on Women on Wheels

If you prefer to cycle alone, cycling can still be a great social activity. Spending time outdoors and in your neighbourhood can increase a feeling of community. Explore your community or get to know a new area. Say “hi” to other cyclers, use local pathways, or visit local businesses next time you ride. Cycling is a great way to engage with other people and areas in your community.



Cycles can vary in price but there are a wide variety of options from fixed-up used cycles all the way to electric cycles. Compared to motor vehicles, they are significantly more affordable. You can choose how much you want to spend based on what you want from a cycle. Cycles still require maintenance but it’s fairly minimal and Bike Fix-It stations can be found all over Halifax for anyone to use. In rural communities, bike repair pop-ups often happen in the summer.

We have all witnessed how much gas prices and insurance keep increasing. The Halifax Integrated Mobility Plan estimated the average person spends $9960 a year on vehicle expenses ($830 a month). The more you cycle, the more you’ll save on gas and decrease wear and tear on your vehicle. Small actions can turn into huge savings over time. Plus, Cycling Nova Scotia members automatically receive cycling insurance all over Canada! Consider ditching your car and pricy insurance.



In 2017, the transportation sector was responsible for nearly a quarter of Canada’s total greenhouse gas emissions. A study from the University of Oxford found choosing to bike over a car just once a day can decrease the average person’s transportation-related emissions by 67%. This means that making one change a day can drastically decrease your carbon footprint.

Cycling has a much lower environmental impact compared to other forms of transportation. Consider ditching your car for short trips and gradually increase the distance. The best way to use cycling to be kinder to the environment is to incorporate cycling into your daily life. Making a habit to cycle instead of driving makes a huge impact in lowering transportation-related emissions.


To summarize, there are plenty of reasons to ride. There are huge health benefits associated with cycling. This includes improved sleep, cardiovascular health, and mood. Cycling is for people of all ages and abilities, making it a great activity for the entire family. When it comes to the social aspect, you decide if cycling is a social or solo activity. There are tons of opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. In addition, there are much lower costs associated with cycling than with driving. Cut down on expenses while gaining all the other benefits of cycling at the same time. Lastly, cycling is extremely environmentally friendly. Cycling does not release greenhouse gas emissions. This means it has a low environmental impact. Choosing to ride instead of drive helps preserve the beautiful nature Nova Scotia has to offer.

Did you learn a new reason to ride? We hope to see you on the Blue Route soon!