New Blue Route Open- Pugwash to Wallace!

Cycling Nova Scotia, together with The Provincial Department of Public Works and the Municipality of Cumberland, are excited to announce the opening of a new section of the Blue Route from Pugwash to Wallace along Gulf Shore and Ferry Roads!

The Blue Route is a province-wide project to create a continuous 3,000km network of cycling infrastructure. By developing safe, well-connected cycling routes, the Blue Route will make it easier for Nova Scotians to get around the province by bike.

Route selection was based on the planning priorities such as connecting communities and destinations, availability and accessibility of services along the route, scenic views, incorporating existing routes, coordination with local and regional plans such as active transportation plans, existing conditions or feasibility of infrastructure upgrades, and providing a diversity of route types to accommodate a broad range of users. The route incorporates input from meetings and consultations held with stakeholders around the province over the past ten years.

The NS Department of Public Works has just completed new paving on portions of the Pugwash to Wallace route to ensure a smooth ride. This section of Blue Route is a shared road facility. See the map below which depicts the area of Blue Route now open in solid blue, and the areas which are planned for future in dashed blue.

Some tips to ensure safer sharing of the road include:

For those cycling:

  • Ride predictably and follow the rules of the road.
  • Be seen and heard- a bell and bike lights are required by law- ensure you’re equipped with them.
  • Ride single file, allowing safer vehicle overtakes.

For those driving a vehicle:

  • Give space- allow at least 3 meters when passing a cyclist.
  • Be patient- if there is not a safe time to overtake a cyclist, wait until there is. Although it might seem to be slowing vehicles down, it realistically only takes a few seconds to wait for a safe passage.

This new section of the Blue Route offers beautiful views of the Northumberland Strait! Along it, you will stumble across the Gulf Shore provincial park, and campgrounds to stay the night. There is even a golf course if you’ve got clubs in tow.

Let the Blue Route signs guide you, and the good times roll!