Bicycle Wayfinding Guide


blue route sign


The Objective

Bicycle Nova Scotia is excited to announce another important step in development of bicycling routes, with the creation of a Bicycle Route Wayfinding Guide. Throughout the province there is an extensive network of roads and trails that include many junctions, connections and destinations. An attractive and consistent wayfinding system will ensure a seamless rider experience.

The Blue Route is a particular focus, as well as well-loved local trails that intersect with it, but the Wayfinding Guide is intended to be a useful tool for on-road bikeway and trail route managers, anywhere in Nova Scotia.

The Benefits

A clear and cohesive wayfinding system can do a great deal to advance bicycling in Nova Scotia, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of bicycling experiences, and getting more visitors and residents riding. The benefits of good wayfinding are wide ranging:

  • efficient use of time and money
  • promote use of off-road trails
  • promote tourism destinations
  • ensure fun and excitement for unfamiliar bicyclists


Download the Guide


The wayfinding guide is a system that supports the Blue Route, while providing useful guidance for trail groups across Nova Scotia. It is an easy-to-use manual that includes:

  • adaptable guidance for planning and installing a wayfinding system
  • strategies for co-branded route signage
  • signage plan recommendations for Blue Route segments
  • templates, details and instruction for fabrication, installation and maintenance

View the guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the signage standards be mandatory?
Who is leading the creation of the guide?
What does “sign family” even mean?

For answers to these questions and more, please visit the FAQ Page.