Blue Route Hubs Project Partner Applications Open

Seeking Project Partners

Our Blue Route Hubs Project objective is to help Nova Scotia towns, municipalities, and Mi’kmaq communities build cycling networks that reduce traffic stress and risk for riders of all ages and people with disabilities by preparing active transportation network plans designed for near-term implementation. We help communities make walking, rolling, and cycling an attractive transportation choice by recommending changes to the built environment that incorporate best practices in active transportation planning and design guidance. We focus our efforts in communities linked to the Blue Route so that our work benefits the growth of Nova Scotia’s developing provincial cycling network. Communities that are not connected to the Blue Route are also welcome to apply.

We have found our experience and capacity development through the Blue Route Hubs Project to be incredibly productive for our partners. We are confident this work is helping partner communities learn about the fundamentals of all ages and abilities (AAA) bikeway design as well as producing exciting project recommendations that can expand transportation options for residents. We believe Nova Scotia communities are benefiting from our growing capacity to provide advice on active transportation design.

Project Goals:

  1. Develop an active transportation network plan that will contribute to a more equitable, healthy, and sustainable future for residents.
  2. Engage residents to ensure that the network adds value to the community and improves transportation options.
  3. Connect the Blue Route into the town to provide easy access to local businesses and attractions for cycling tourists.

Who Can Apply:

We would typically work directly with a municipal government or Mi’kmaq band to conduct the project together. Having strong support from the local government is essential for the success and future implementation of project recommendations. Local residents, community groups, or non-profit organizations are also welcome to apply. If you do not yet have government buy-in we can work together to approach your municipality or Mi’kmaq band to develop a partnership.

2022/23 Project Timeline:

  • Accepting applications from April 8th to June 10th
  • Project kick-off meetings from July 4th to 8th
  • Phase 1 engagement report complete – August 2022
  • Phase 1 active transportation network plan report complete – October 2022
  • Phase 2 engagement report complete – January 2023
  • Phase 2 concept plan report complete – March 2023


We offer our consulting services at no charge to the communities we work with thanks to the generous support of the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables and the Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism, and Heritage. While there is no cost to the partner community, we offer a lot of value through our knowledgeable team.

Learn more:

Contact Name: Meghan Doucette, Active Transportation Planner, Bicycle Nova Scotia
E-mail address: [email protected]

APPLICATION DEADLINE: June 10th, 2022 at 11:59pm


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