Cycling Nova Scotia is psyched to team up with Cycling Canada to provide HopOn skills camps in Nova Scotia!

HopOn is a games-based cycling program that teaches school-aged kids across Canada the joy of cycling safely.

Modeled after Cycling BC’s existing iRide program, the HopOn national grassroots program aims to provide access to cycling across Canada.

Building on the A, B, C’s of cycling (Attention, Balance and Control) following National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) training for cycling, HopOn camps increase the riding skill and confidence of kids and youth up to age 16.

To simplify program delivery, Cycling NS will be providing staff to interested schools and communities in HRM, along with skill-appropriate equipment. Cycling NS is looking forward to getting more youth in Nova Scotia interested in being active for life!

Partnered Delivery through Schools

Compact HopOn programming can be provided in school by Cycling Nova Scotia’s HopOn trained staff.

HopOn sessions are great for developing basic cycling skills of students in grades 3-6 and can be delivered in a variety of formats.

Partnered Delivery through Community

Community level HopOn programming can be provided to interested Affiliated or Associated Cycling Clubs in Nova Scotia and to Municipal Active Living programs by Cycling Nova Scotia’s HopOn trained staff.

Community Level programming is tailored to young athletes between 6-14 years of age. Programming may introduce beginner cycling skills or focus on the development of intermediate cycling skills depending on the age and experience of participating.

Direct Delivery

Community members can be trained as HopOn instructors as a volunteer or staff member to deliver programs at their discretion throughout the year.

See below for more details about becoming a HopOn instructor!

If your school, club, or community is interested in facilitated HopOn programming please contact Jess Spooner at [email protected]!

Interested in becoming a HopOn Instructor?

To become HopOn certified, you must complete the National Coaching Certification Program (NCPP). This includes an eLearning component, 2×2-hour online cycling practice planning sessions, and a 2-day weekend course focused on basic cycling skills and HopOn games! Our learning facilitators are excellent at creating a welcoming learning environment in which you will have plenty of opportunities to practice leading skills and games!

In addition to the HopOn and NCCP certification you will receive:

  • HopOn backpack with traffic cones, game book, tools, etc.
  • 1 year membership with CNS
  • Admin support from Cycling NS
  • Promotional templates, sponsorship templates, and more
  • Course insurance through CNS HopOn Club

Please contact Jess Spooner at [email protected] to join or schedule a course!

HopOn instructors and learning facilitators having a blast at their training in Kentville in April 2024!