Are you looking to become involved in introducing more Nova Scotians to cycle racing? How about developing young talent into High Performance Athletes?

Cycling Nova Scotia is happy to guide you towards National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) training and certification as a Community Coach in Cycling, or to continue your Coaching Education in the Comp-Intro Coaching stream. No matter what coaching-stream you choose, after completing your training you’ll know a little more about Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) and how to foster interest in cycle-racing into a focused approach to training for race events in Nova Scotia and beyond!

Getting Started

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Starting your journey in Coaching starts at the Locker. The Locker is a Coaching certification platform used by the Canadian Association of Coaches (CAC) and provides you with your NCCP number. Training courses and NCCP related materials can be found at the Locker, and the Locker keeps track of your progress towards “trained” or “certified” statuses based on the type of Coaching you’re interested in.

Please take this time to register at the Locker, and contact [email protected] with your assigned NCCP number, where in the province you’d like to coach and what cycling clubs you’ve been a member of in the past

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As you progress through your coaching training, you’ll have to register on Cycling Canada’s Learning Management System (LMS). From here, you’ll have access to a variety of Coaching Resources that are specific to cycling.

Coaching starts at the community level

The Community Coaching stream is the starting point for NCCP Coaching with Cycling Nova Scotia and its Affiliated Clubs. Community Coach training focuses on Emergency Action Planing (EAP), and making ethical decisions in sport as well as Cycling-specific content and Practice Planning.

eLearning modules can be taken at your leisure, in any order. CNS suggests Cycling Planning Practice and Basic Cycling Skills modules be taken after eLearning modules are complete.

Once certified as a Community Coach, CNS encourages you to volunteer as a Club Coach, or look into creating a Cycling Club, or Junior Cycling Club of your own! And don’t be shy –let us know how you’re doing. CNS is here to help!

Take performance to the next level

While Community Coaches provide a great entry-point for young athletes looking to get into cycling, the Comp-Intro Coach focuses on Athlete Development, and training interested competitors to a higher level.

The Comp-Intro pathway involves most of the same modules and courses as the Community Coach pathway, but adds nutritional education, skills and tactics and other downstream components of the LTAD model. Focus in MTB, Road, or BMX racing and train the new crop of National and International cycling talent!

Bicycle Nova Scotia is excited to be working with Cycling Canada on the launch of the new HopOn national grassroots program in Nova Scotia!

Through in-school programming and access to cycling at the community level, the program will help school-aged kids develop basic skills and safety awareness while having fun. 

If you’re a Community or Intro to Competition level coach, contact Jon Burgess about how to access HopOn training in your community!

Supporting Coach Development

CNS is invested in building a community of cycling coaches in Nova Scotia! Are you working on expanding your training, certifications or skills around coaching, but need some financial support? Please submit the form below to be considered for financial support as you build your coaching portfolio.

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Still have Coaching Questions?

Contact our Provincial Coach, Jon Burgess.