After concerns raised during additional consultation with the business community and the discovery of logistical requirements and additional costs arising from consultation with the Lunenburg Department of Public Works, Bicycle Nova Scotia has made a difficult decision to cancel the pop-up project. BNS believes in Lunenburg’s Comprehensive Community Plan, and that introducing cycling/active transportation infrastructure will be a benefit for the community. 

Pilot projects like pop-up bike lanes and pedestrian malls are a great way for communities to try out temporary infrastructure that is part of their long-term plans, in a cost-effective way. Bike lane pilots allow people of all ages and people with disabilities to safely access downtowns amenities including businesses, using active modes of transportation. Studies from Canada, the US, and Europe show that business improves after bike lanes have been installed and that people who walk and cycle stop more often and spend more over time at local businesses. Bicycle Nova Scotia knows that bikes mean business and we are excited to support safe cycling and the local economies through our projects. 

BNS is hopeful and looks forward to a time in the future where we can consult collaboratively with the business community, residents, and the Town of Lunenburg to create an active transportation project that is beneficial to everyone. We would like to thank all who dedicated their time and efforts to this project over the past year including the Town of Lunenburg staff and Council, the project Steering Committee, the Lunenburg Board of Trade, and members of the local community.