On April 26th, 2022 we presented updated plans for a pop-up bike lane and pedestrian mall to Lunenburg Town Council. We first wrote about this project on the Blue Route Blog in July, 2021. We then shared in August, 2021 that a pop-up bike lane and pedestrian mall was approved by Lunenburg Town Council for June 2022.

Collaboration Between Bicycle Nova Scotia & Lunenburg Board of Trade

In the meantime, the Lunenburg Board of Trade voiced concerns about parking and the pop-up bike lane project to Lunenburg Town Council. We were grateful for the opportunity to hear the concerns of the local business community. We worked together to make adjustments to the project plan in collaboration with the Lunenburg Board of Trade. They suggested changing the date of the project from June to October, and changing the bike lane from the south side of the street to the north side of the street. The Lunenburg Board of Trade also appointed a member to join the planning team for the pop-up bike lane and pedestrian mall project. On April 26th, 2022, we brought forward the updated plans we have developed with the planning team, which include the suggestions made by the Lunenburg Board of Trade to Lunenburg Town Council for approval. 

Project Approved for October 2022

We are pleased to share that the updated plans were approved in April, 2022! You can watch our presentation and the proceeding council vote on the Town of Lunenburg’s YouTube channel. The pop-up will take place on three blocks of Montague Street in the heart of Old Town Lunenburg. The project will help connect people cycling between Old Town and New Town through the Front Harbour Trail.  We are excited to move forward with the support of the business community. We will be working with businesses and organizations in Lunenburg to develop bike rides, programming, and activities to encourage people to visit Lunenburg and check out this exciting pilot project during the month of October. 

Bikes Mean Business

Pilot projects like the pop-up bike lane and pedestrian mall are a great way for communities to try out temporary infrastructure that is part of their long-term plans, in a cost-effective way. This bike lane pilot project will allow people of all ages and people with disabilities to safely access the businesses along Montague Street using active modes of transportation and draw cycling tourists to the area. The pedestrian mall will offer places to stop and rest, play, and enjoy the new amenities. Studies from Canada, the US, and Europe show that business improves after bike lanes have been installed and that people who walk and cycle stop more often and spend more over time at local businesses. We know that bikes mean business and we are excited to support safe cycling and the local economy through this project.