Annapolis Royal Blue Route Hubs Project

The Blue Route Hubs Project is a collaboration between Bicycle Nova Scotia (BNS) and several communities throughout the province, including the Town of Annapolis Royal. We launched the project to help communities evaluate their potential to develop cycling routes that make residents of all ages and people with disabilities feel comfortable cycling in their community. We want to encourage active transportation throughout the province by supporting efforts to build safe and convenient bike routes. There are two phases of project planning and you can learn more about the project phases for the Town of Annapolis Royal below. 

Phase 1: Active Transportation Network Development & Identifying a Priority Route  

We are currently working with the Annapolis Royal community to identify three routes that are the top priorities for cycling infrastructure improvements. These connected routes will provide a basic bike network that is immediately functional and can act as the spine of the network for future growth. In Phase 1 we will also work with the community to identify a priority route out of the three routes that make up the network.

Phase 2: Concept Planning

We will work with community residents, Town staff, and stakeholders to advance the priority route to the concept design stage. Phase 2 will result in a concept plan design with specific facility types visualized and cost estimates. The Town can then use the concept plan to move forward with detailed design and construction.