Blue Route News

Is Canada missing the boat on cycling tourists?

Although it is clear that bicycle related tourism is a growing trend, there are still very few provinces in Canada that are set up to take advantage of the situation. This article, written and produced by CBC, looks at La Route Verte in Quebec, along with other examples of how it is done right, and … Read More

Funding for the Blue Route

Government will provide $20,000 to Bicycle Nova Scotia to raise awareness about the Blue Route project and gather community input. Energy Minister Andrew Younger announced the funding today, Nov. 3. “Supporting a greater discussion and partnership on a possible provincewide cycling network is important,” said Mr. Younger. “I encourage Nova Scotians to learn about, and … Read More

Our Blue Route

When Nova Scotians get up in the morning, and leave their houses for work, school or play – the choices for transportation tend to be by car or by foot. For the past eight years, Bicycle Nova Scotia has been working to change that –through an initiative to create a province-wide bicycle network. Inspired by … Read More