An Active Transportation Network for New Glasgow

Blue Route Hubs Project Phase 1 Complete

We are excited to announce that phase 1 of the Blue Route Hubs Project in New Glasgow is complete! Along with community members and local stakeholders, Bicycle Nova Scotia‘s Active Transportation Planner has developed an active transportation network plan. The network will connect to key destinations and residential areas in New Glasgow and make it safe and convenient for people to walk, roll, or cycle for trips within the town. The network will also connect to the provincial Blue Route cycling network to link New Glasgow with neighbouring communities and beyond.

We started the Blue Route Hubs Project to create cycling network plans for municipalities, towns, and Mi’kmaq communities that connect to the provincial Blue Route cycling network. The small size of New Glasgow, and the proximity of residents to their places of work creates a high potential for cycling uptake if safe and convenient cycling infrastructure is installed. Through this project, we set out to develop an active transportation network that would feel comfortable for people of all ages and people with disabilities. We conducted public engagement, reviewed existing plans, and analyzed current infrastructure and demographic characteristics. Our analysis led us to develop the active transportation network shown in the image below. We are grateful to everyone who shared their feedback through the public engagement process to help inform the project.

On November 15th Bicycle Nova Scotia’s Active Transportation Planner will present the network plan to New Glasgow Town Council. This is an exciting next step, taking the project that much closer to implementation! Encouraging active transportation through the provision of safe infrastructure will support New Glasgow in becoming more environmentally-friendly, equitable, and economically prosperous. We are excited to be working collaboratively on this project with the Town of New Glasgow.

Next steps:

  • November 15 – Present to Town Council
  • November 2021 – Complete Phase 2 (select priority route)
  • March 2022 – Complete Phase 3 (concept design for priority route)

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